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Come, join us in sharing some information about the Sundanese. Yes, that’s the Sundanese of West Java, Indonesia. We are not talking about the Sudanese who are African people. People really get them mixed up.

The Sundanese are one of the largest ethnic populations in the world - about 35 million members. Normally, you will find them on the internet under the name Sunda which is their Indonesian name. That is why our website is Sunda.org.

However, what is unusual about our website is we are talking from the perspective of Christian Sundanese. “Wait a minute,” you may say, “the Sundanese are Muslim people.” That’s right, but there are also about 15,000 Christian Sundanese. It is not a large percentage of the population but it is a significant number.

Some of those who hit this website in the past few years were upset that we
were talking about Christian teaching and Christian activity for the Sundanese. They feel the gospel should not be given to the Sundanese because they already have a religion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But what about the Sundanese who want to hear the gospel? Should they not be able to hear? Well, some say, “no.” But we say, “Yes.” What glory does God get if a person doesn’t choose what to believe about him?

We feel that our YES is based on God’s word. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” You can see more about our position by clicking on the Mission Statement.

If you have questions or comments, contact us via e-mail: webmaster@sunda.org
We can field Indonesian language questions as well as English. Our Indonesian will not be perfect but we think you will be able to understand it.

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