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Social Action Programs

The severe economic problems continue in Indonesia. The reasons for this are complex but the consequences challenge us to respond. The Church in Indonesia has been active in trying to help the suffering poor people of Indonesia.

Village House

At present, there are multiple social action programs going on in West Java. We are contributing to programs facilitated by two organizations with which we are closely connected. These groups have accountability structures in place. Tax deductible gifts can be sent through the Lampstand. You can be confident that your money is well used by these ministries because their philosophy is to help people become independent again.

The Sundanese Center

This is the organization we call The Lampstand Center. This is not a welfare organization and it normally does not dispense funds. But the severity of the economic situation among the Sundanese means we have to respond to the needs of the poor. The Sundanese Center's primary effort is to provide money for education. Although they have distributed rice from time to time, that is not a major project. We are working to save a generation of children from being denied education due to the impoverishment of their families. The financial collapse in Indonesia has been devastating.

Couple Praying with Children

A Second Organization

The second organization with which we cooperate is located in a city different from the group mentioned above. One of Lampstand's board members works closely with them. They cooperate with several local foundations to distribute food and necessities to the poor. However, their main ministry is in training workers to minister effectively and efficiently cross culturally to Sundanese. An increase in workers this year requires an increase in start up funds. These funds are used to rent houses, get necessary equipment, and other capital outlay needs.