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  1. The current general search rule is: Selection can be made on any one of  the checked categories, if one or more is checked, AND any of the main field values that may be filled in. Additional search rules can be implemented as needed.
  2. A list of the categories with English short names is available simply by printing the selection page. A full list of the categories is available by selecting the "Category List" link below.
  3. If it is discovered that either additional categories may be needed or the relation between a particular clipping and the categories needs changing, this can be easily accomplished by using the administrator's menu.
  4. Indo language labels have yet to be implemented.
  5. The detailed search statement is shown at the bottom of the results page.

Full Text Search

  1. The full text search is independent and unrelated to the field search discussed above.
  2. However it includes category selection.
  3. It will look through all the Word files which are generally in the Indo language, for the word or phrase entered in the search field.

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